Indian Webhosting company not replying to support ticket, showing why pen drives are required

Pen drives are mainly required for taking backup of the content which has been created spending a lot of time
Since there is almost no writing work, the domain investor purchased good SEO domains paying the market price
Since she is selling backlinks at a very cheap price, some links were sold
The raw/cbi employees are furious that the domain ownership fraud was exposed, and they allegedly changed/hacked the database.
Now the domain investor found that she cannot login to the wordpress blogs, and the delhi webhosting company is not replying to the support ticket for more than 12 hours
this shows why pen drives are required for taking a backup of the content created
Please note that panaji goan bhandari raw EMPLOYEE CALL GIRL sunaina chodan and other raw/cbi employees are not associated with the website in any way since they do not do any computer work, do not invest money in domains, though indian tech, internet companies, government agencies are making fake claims as part of the government sex, money bribes for government jobs racket in the indian internet sector since 2010