corporate espionage specialist greedy goan fraud raw employee siddhi mandrekar injects malware on computers of people who trust her

The modus operandi of corporate espionage specialist greedy goan fraud raw employee siddhi mandrekar shows how raw employees are getting control of the computer of people who trust them.
The greedy goan fraud siddhi mandrekar pretended that she desperately required work in december 2012.
Then in january 2013, she claimed that she wanted a copy of the file to work at home.
In reality the pen drive contained malware which she injected in the laptop and could control it remotely
She then started falsely claiming that she was doing all the work, and was rewarded very well for corporate espionage by the indian tech, internet companies, with great powers, monthly government salary, robbing the correspondence of the domain investor
The government agencies are openly rewarding cheaters and liars like raw employee siddhi mandrekar for fraud, corporate espionage and then expect the online business owner who raw employee siddhi mandrekar cheated to trust people.
Though the greedy goan fraud raw employee siddhi mandrekar does not pay any money for domains, like her power sugar daddies, lovers, she is falsely claiming to own them and get great powers showing the lack of social justice in india

Hackers are paid USD 3000-20000 for stealing data from hard drives

Indian hackers are being hired by detectives and other businesses worldwide for stealing data from hard drives, controlling the computers, especially the webcams
Many indians are working at Microsoft and they are aware of the backdoors in windows , which they allegedly use to control the computers.
They are paid very well for the computer hacking work, allegedly US$3000- 20000 for each client
The hackers are making far more than the domain investor, online publisher , yet they do not face any harassment since they also work for intelligence agencies.